Metabox Visibility

Classic Editor

If you have the Classic Editor plugin or sometimes edit post types that use the Classic editor (ie. WooCommerce products), you can find metabox visibility settings in the Screen Options drawer at the top of the post editing screen.

First, locate the Screen Options tab at the top of the post editing screen.

Next, click the Screen Options tab to reveal your personalized settings.

Finally, under the Boxes section, enable the Completionist Tasks metabox by ticking its checkbox.

Ensure the Tasks metabox pane is visible in the WordPress Classic editor.

Step 1: Show the sidebar

If your Gutenberg editor sidebar is hidden, click the gear icon in the top-right of the screen to reveal it.

Click the gear icon to reveal the sidebar panes in the Gutenberg block editor.
The Gutenberg block editor's sidebar contains additional details and controls for the current post.

Step 2: Open additional editor options

Next to the gear icon, click the ellipsis in the top-right corner of the Gutenberg editor screen to reveal additional settings.

Click Options toward the bottom of the list to access personalized screen options.

The ellipsis reveals additional Gutenberg editor settings, including personalized screen options.

Step 3: Enable the Tasks metabox

In the Gutenberg editor screen options pane, enable Completionist’s Tasks metabox by ticking its checkbox in the Advanced Panels section.

The Tasks metabox will then be visible toward the bottom of the Gutenberg editor’s sidebar.

Completionist's Tasks metabox is in the last section of the Gutenberg editor screen options, "Advanced Panels".