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Building custom WordPress software that helps you work more efficiently, standardize processes, and offer unique user experiences.

Michelle Blanchette
Full-Stack WordPress Developer

FREE WordPress Plugins

My passion is developing WordPress software that helps automate and standardize tedious processes.
Here’s the WordPress plugins that I currently offer and work on. Each one is available for free!

Completionist plugin icon

Completionist — Asana for WordPress

Completionist is a WordPress plugin for integrating Asana, the popular task management service. It allows you to track Asana tasks throughout areas of your WordPress admin. You can also display rich content embeds of Asana projects on your WordPress website. Finally, Completionist lets you automatically create Asana tasks as events happen on WordPress.

Here’s a few places you may have seen Completionist mentioned:

**Completionist by Purple Turtle Creative is not associated with Asana. Asana is a trademark and service mark of Asana, Inc., registered in the U.S. and in other countries. Learn more.

Grouped Content plugin icon

Grouped Content — Page Hierarchy Navigation

This simple WordPress plugin adds helpful navigation and reporting features for hierarchical post types, including WordPress’s native “page” type.

This plugin is available for free download in the official WordPress.org plugins directory.

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What is WordPress API integration?

“API” stands for “application programming interface”. Most well-known software services and web technologies offer an API such as Slack, Twitter, Asana, Mailchimp, Google—you name it!

An API is how a WordPress developer, such as myself, can perform actions and receive data from your other digital services. This unlocks unlimited, powerful possibilities to automate processes and personalize experiences across web technologies—including your very own WordPress website!

Here’s just a few examples of the WordPress API integrations that I have architected and delivered:

  • ✏️ Create custom WordPress posts by importing research data from Google Sheets
  • ✅ Display Asana projects in WordPress posts and complete Asana tasks within the WordPress admin
  • 📈 Track usage analytics and system metrics into Google Analytics from WordPress experiences
  • 📹 Optimize WordPress users’ video uploads via Mux in the BuddyBoss WordPress theme
  • 🛍 Tag WooCommerce customers in the relevant Keap CRM property
  • 📲 Send direct SMS text messages to WordPress site members via Twilio
  • 💬 Register new WordPress users from Facebook Messenger chat flows
  • … and many more process automations and creative user experiences!

Exceptional WordPress Software

I live, talk, and build in WordPress. Almost everything here on Purple Turtle Creative is custom WordPress development by me!

WordPress Coding Standards

My software follows WordPress’s official coding standards to ensure source code is consistent with the rest of your WordPress system.

Fully-Documented Source Code

I thoroughly document my source code using WordPress’s PHP Documentor principles for easier code maintenance and collaboration.

Plugin & Theme Development

With diverse experience across a variety of WordPress projects, I’m able to work on everything that WordPress has to offer.

My Technology Stack

I’ve been working passionately as a professional full-stack WordPress developer since 2017.
Throughout this time, I have specialized in WordPress customizations, data architecture, and API integrations.


Backend / Tools

… and the most popular WordPress plugins and online services!

+ many more web technologies!