I WordPress.

Web development and WordPress are my favorite things, but it can definitely be challenging for beginners. While it may be difficult now, I’m excited to see you take full advantage of what WordPress has to offer. That is why I’m crafting a few helpful plugins and sharing my knowledge.

Michelle Blanchette
Michelle Blanchette,
a.k.a. Purple Turtle Creative

Expertly Crafted Plugins

We all know great things take time, so I focus on developing and personally supporting a few, high-quality WordPress plugins.

Highly Cost-Effective

Purchasing WordPress plugins costs a fraction of the time, energy, and money that go into comparable custom development projects.

Careful Security

There are a lot of moving parts in web environments, so I'm sure to take careful consideration of security vulnerabilities to ensure safe data.

WordPress Coding Standards

My plugins follow the WordPress community standards to ensure source code is familiar and consistent with the rest of your WordPress systems.

Easy User Experience

Having a background in graphic design, I understand the importance of crafting comfortable user experiences and have the expertise to provide just that.

Custom Development Hooks

As a fellow WordPress developer, I aim to provide plenty of hooks so you can fully customize the software for your exact needs and creative ideas.

Fully-Documented Code

In addition to following WordPress's coding standards, I thoroughly document my source code using WordPress's PHPDocumentor guidelines.

Need a custom WordPress plugin?

I enjoy hearing how others are using WordPress. What I enjoy even more is having the opportunity to build tools that make your life easier.

If you need a custom development, I may be available to help.

Right Tools for the Job

Working in a comfortable environment with the right tools makes all the difference in any profession. To ensure my plugins are developed properly and that I provide reliable support, I use leading technologies in the web development industry.