Completionist Pro

Completionist Pro will offer advanced features so you can create Asana-powered client portals on your WordPress website. You’ll be able to easily connect Asana projects to WordPress users within your own WordPress website and site domain.

Completionist Pro Features

These features and enhancements are currently included in Completionist Pro.

List Asana Projects for WordPress Users

Select multiple Asana projects for each of your WordPress users. With the [ptc_asana_project_list] shortcode, your WordPress users will see their Asana projects listed on your website when they log in.

With this feature of Completionist Pro, you can create Asana client portals on your WordPress website! Keep clients out of your project management platform while empowering them with transparent updates. As with the [ptc_asana_project] shortcode in Completionist Free, you can easily customize which Asana project and task details are shared and fully customize the display to suit your brand.

Show Comments on Asana Tasks

Easily share a timeline of key decisions, status updates, meeting notes, and all other Asana task comments within your WordPress website. This is by far the most commonly requested feature of Completionist!

Board Layout for Project Embeds

Using a board (aka Kanban) layout for task management is a popular way to oversee productivity. This task layout is great for its visual organization, streamlined workflow, and collaborative approach! Because of this, it empowers teams to efficiently manage tasks, identify issues, and adapt with ease. Completionist Pro adds support for Asana’s board layout so you can take advantage of this productivity-boosting management style!

Sponsored Features

Thank you to the following Feature Sponsors for contributing to the Completionist Pro WordPress plugin!

Calendar Layout for Project Embeds

The Funky Monkey is a Luxembourg-based boutique agency with an expertise in web design and digital marketing.

They wanted an easier way to share their content calendars for their clients, so they requested Calendar layout support for Asana project embeds on their WordPress website.

Collaborating with The Funky Monkey also led to including support for rich media in Asana task descriptions, media attachments on Asana tasks, custom CSS opportunities, custom JavaScript hooks, excluding Asana project sections, and displaying tags on Asana tasks!