WordPress Project Management

Integrate your Asana tasks with the WordPress projects you manage

Dashboard Widget

Immediately be greeted to your WordPress admin with site progress, upcoming tasks, and actionable links


Only tasks with the designated tag will be displayed in WordPress to help you stay focused and on-task

Secure & Private

Authorization tokens are encrypted when stored and Asana task permissions are strictly enforced

Powered by Asana

Connect your Asana tasks into the WordPress projects your team manages to ensure no task gets forgotten

Pinned Tasks

Take fast, confident action by pinning tasks directly where the work needs to get done in WordPress

Two-Way Integration

Manage tasks from within Asana and WordPress so you can take care of business wherever makes sense

Lightweight Data

Tasks are loaded on an as-needed basis so information is current and little data needs to be stored on WordPress

AJAX Experience

Enjoy fast and comfortable interfaces that load tasks asynchronously to ensure you can keep moving

Why Choose an Integration Plugin

…instead of a completely contained WordPress project management plugin

Keeps Your Site Quick and Clean

The worst mistake I've seen far too many times by new WordPress users is bogging down their site with plugins—especially administrative plugins. I'll admit it's easy to get excited about all the great plugins out there, but having too many plugins running entire systems on your WordPress site can easily slow down your admin area. Eventually, you could even find yourself struggling to manage your own website due to how sluggish your admin area is loading! Keep your site lean and clean so that you can efficiently and painlessly take care of your website's content. An integration plugin, such as Completionist, is a lightweight tool to help you bridge the gap.

Stay Focused on Content Management

Just like your web server can get bogged down by too many system solution plugins, your focus can suffer, too. Hosting entire business systems such as customer support, marketing, and project management all in one place can distract you from the work at hand. Keep your WordPress site dedicated to content management so you stay in the zone to efficiently produce great content. Completionist will help by only connecting site-specific tasks to your WordPress area.

No Task Gets Left Behind

Not every task your team needs to get done will pertain to content on your website or require the same team members, especially if you're an agency managing multiple web properties. Use a project management system outside your WordPress site to help you maintain a central and secure area built specifically for project management. As your projects and teams grow, you'll ensure your task management is already being handled in a central area for you to easily monitor. Using Asana and Completionist will help you separate your website's security and privacy from all the other projects and departments you manage while still giving you quick access to site-related tasks on each WordPress property you manage.

Watch the Features in Action

See how Completionist integrates your Asana tasks on WordPress

Pricing Updates Coming Soon

Completionist is currently not for sale while licensing improvements are in progress.

Questions? Email me at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

A “site” is each WordPress default installation or multisite subsite. If you have one WordPress default installation and manage a multisite of 3 subsites, you would need to license 4 sites—so the Plus plan for 5 licensed sites would be the best option in this example.
Completionist requires at least PHP 7.0 and has been confirmed to work as low as WordPress 4.7.1. Before releasing a new version of Completionist, I ensure it is compatible with the latest release of WordPress.
Yes, Completionist requires connecting your Asana account to function. If you do not have an Asana account, you can quickly create an Asana account for FREE!
An active subscription is required to operate Completionist. If you choose to not renew your license, you will no longer be eligible for plugin support and you will lose permission to use the software.
For any account related inquiries, submit the support request form on your Purple Turtle Creative account dashboard. If your question is not account related, you can email me at [email protected].
Original orders may be refunded if a Refund Request form is submitted within 30 days. Please see my support page for more details.
No, I do not have a business relationship with Asana. I just happened to be looking for an Asana integration for WordPress and failed to find an affordable, specialized solution. That is why I created Completionist!