Asana for WordPress

Establish a complete project management workflow between your Asana workspace and WordPress dashboard.

# Benefits

Completionist is built to be productive, efficient, and comfortable to use.


Only tasks with the designated tag will be displayed in WordPress to help you stay focused and on-task

Secure & Private

Authorization tokens are encrypted when stored and Asana task permissions are strictly enforced

Powered by Asana

Connect your Asana tasks into the WordPress projects your team manages to ensure no task gets forgotten

Two-Way Integration

Manage tasks from within Asana and WordPress so you can take care of business wherever makes sense


Tasks are loaded on an as-needed basis so information is current and little data needs to be stored on WordPress

Modern Experience

Enjoy fast and comfortable interfaces that load tasks asynchronously to ensure you can keep moving

# Features

There are many ways to improve your productivity with Completionist.

pinned tasks metabox, add or create an Asana task to pin

Pinned Tasks

Get to work fast.

Pin an existing Asana task or create a new task right on relevant content in WordPress to increase productivity.

  • Pin existing Asana tasks
  • Add new Asana tasks
  • Pin to any post type

Dashboard Widget

Know what to do.

See task progress and quickly access all outstanding tasks on your WordPress dashboard to stay focused.

  • Site task progress overview
  • 4 task category filters
  • Access general and pinned tasks
dashboard widget with list of Asana tasks
task automation form with 3 sections: WordPress trigger event, automation conditions, Asana task actions

Automated Tasks

Never miss a beat.

Create Asana tasks automatically as events occur on your WordPress site to standardize task workflows.

  • 6 fully-supported WordPress event triggers
  • Any custom action or filter hook event trigger
  • Custom automation conditions
  • Dynamic values in created Asana tasks

Project Embeds

Share progress.

Display Asana projects on your WordPress site to share plans and progress.

  • Customize project display
  • Reduce client on-boarding
  • Separate task management from content management

# Frequently Asked Questions

Server requirements?

Please visit the Completionist plugin information page to see server requirements and view the changelog. Before releasing a new version of Completionist, I ensure it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Is an Asana account required?

Yes, an Asana account is required to use Completionist. If you do not have an Asana account, you can quickly create an Asana account for FREE!

Is this multisite (wpmu) compatible?

Yes! Feel free to activate the plugin at the network level or per blog/subsite. If you decide to uninstall Completionist, all plugin data will be properly removed across your network.

Are you affiliated with Asana?

No, I do not have a business relationship with Asana. I just happened to be looking for an Asana integration for WordPress and failed to find an affordable, specialized solution. That is why I created Completionist!

Ready to try?

Download the Completionist WordPress plugin now to integrate your Asana tasks with your WordPress admin area.

**Completionist by Purple Turtle Creative is not associated with Asana. Asana is a trademark and service mark of Asana, Inc., registered in the U.S. and in other countries. Learn more.