Enhanced Page Management for WordPress

Grouped Content is a free plugin for WordPress providing page management efficiency. It adds features that allow you to access pages faster, quickly generate new draft pages in bulk, and better visualize your site’s hierarchy.

This is an extremely lightweight plugin with zero risk to install.

There’s absolutely no settings or custom data added to your site. As a result, none of your work will be lost when the plugin is deactivated or uninstalled. Additionally, you’re able to get to working more efficiently right away with Grouped Content.

This free plugin makes use of core WordPress data that already exists on your site. For this reason, there is no added bloat or leftover data by Grouped Content in your server’s database.

Grouped Content is an administrative efficiency tool. This means that no extra code runs for your site visitors. All of Grouped Content’s code is appropriately contained in the admin areas it enhances. Therefore, Grouped Content will not slow down your admin area like other plugins can.

If you manage many pages for your site, you definitely need Grouped Content. Download Grouped Content today from the official WordPress.org plugin directory!


There’s no reason to shy away from trying Grouped Content. It takes no time to set up and will not leave a single trace if uninstalled. Since Grouped Content is an efficiency tool, there is also no lost data when deactivated. Grouped Content simply gives you the tools to quickly view and manage the pages of your WordPress site. You can then deactivate or uninstall the plugin if you no longer want the features, no harm done!

No Setup

Grouped Content is truly plug-and-play. Once installed and activated, you can immediately get to work with its straight-forward features.

No Added Data

No custom data is added for Grouped Content to function. It works completely off of data that already exists in WordPress.

No Front-End Bloat

This WordPress plugin is built for administrative efficiency. Grouped Content is properly limited to the admin areas it enhances.


Grouped Content is light and simple with a few powerful features. For this reason, you don’t need to commit to reading an entire knowledge base or hire an expensive tech expert. You can get started immediately all while keeping control of your site’s pages.

Groups Admin Page

View hierarchical pages in an easy-to-navigate, distraction-free area. Review your site’s structure with ease since you can now view pages one group at a time. In fact, you’re now better able to keep your pages organized and properly structured because you can access pages in the way they’ve been assigned.

Page Relatives Metabox

When editing pages, you’ll quickly be able to navigate between related pages with the Page Relatives metabox at your side. Accessing parent, sibling, and child pages has never been faster. Additionally, you’ll have an immediate visual of where the current page fits in your site’s structure.

Content Generator

Quickly add new draft pages and automate menu creation to efficiently create new groups of content for your site. Clicking to add new pages, assigning each the same parent page, and then putting all the pages in a new menu is a tedious and inefficient process. With the Add New Groups page, you can use Content Generator to rapidly add new groups of pages and even automatically create a new menu for the group.

Find Grouped Content in the WordPress plugins library

Available now on WordPress.org

So what are you waiting for? This is a free plugin with nothing for you to lose!

Grouped Content was hand-crafted here in New York, USA and is an approved plugin available in the WordPress plugins directory. Give it a try today and let me know what you think by leaving a review. If you ever need any help, I’m available to solve any of your questions or issues via the plugin support forum.

If you get inspired with a new feature idea for Grouped Content, feel free to leave a suggestion in the support forum!